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Welcome to Concern Void Blog!

Hi everyone, and welcome to Concern Void Blog! Here’s a greeting message and also some kind of manifesto to explain who we are, what we do and so on.

Concern Void is the musical subdivision of independent web-art-community “Shadowplay City”, formed in 2009. Concern Void tends to unite and to somehow promote music of our participants (“citizens” of Shadowplay City) in the Internet.

Nevertheless, despite the fact we add numbers to our releases just like real labels, we can’t claim ourselves as the real label, we don’t sign any contracts and don’t ask for any obligations from our participants, as well as we don’t pay to anyone for anything and haven’t earned even a cent of profit so far.

We’re a quite small community, but we don’t ask you to support us anyhow except of the moral support and maybe sharing links to our posts in your social networks’ accounts :)

Initially, we’re going to publish some posts about our artists and releases, but in the future, if our blog would reach any acclaim, we might consider telling you about some other artists we find rather interesting, entertaining, actually worth being more famous than they are. Anyway, we promise you to make at least one post per month.

All our music is free, you’ll get free download links in our posts (if you’ll find any link “dead”, just send us a message, and it’ll be re-uploaded soon); also, you may listen to some of our music via our YouTube channel and some other services (links will be followed). True art can only be free, that’s our deepest belief. If you want to get the physical copy (tape), please contact us, and we’ll definitely discuss it!

Shadowplay City and, of course, Concern Void, is mostly Russian project («Шэдоуплейск», “Shadowplaysk”), the majority of our participants are either from Russia or from other ex-Soviet countries, so we’re interested in promoting the true underground  (like having 5 listeners only) music from our countries, because we realize that people from other countries might know our music not quite well, probably because of the language barrier, so I’ll try to write (I hope) interesting articles with biographies, album reviews and translations of the lyrics to help you understand us better.

We mentioned the countries of our origin just to underline the cultural difference, we are beyond any politics, and we don’t want any political statements or discussions in this blog. Also, we mentioned this fact to show you that English is not our mother tongue, so we apologize for any possible grammar mistakes in our articles and we’ll be grateful if you point at them to make our texts better.

Sincerely yours,
John “Grey Lenses” Grey,
Founder of Shadowplay City

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