вторник, 16 августа 2016 г.

We go conquering YouTube! Watch us!

Hi everyone, we finally got a camera managed to upload a video made a video about one of our reviews, and we think we will make video versions of our posts from time to time if this first video would receive some good amount of views.

We started with the review of Nervöse Leute's first album because the second is actually on its way to the big world, and I believe it will be released this year. New text posts will also follow this year. And now you can listen about the first one.

We even think videos are quite convenient if you don't have time to read the reviews. Now you'll be able to listen to it while you're washing your dishes or doing some other useful things.

You can also take a look at my handsome face (especially if you're a female person) instead of looking at soulless letters on your screen. Here we go, enjoy!

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Sincerely yours,
John "Grey Lenses" Grey

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