пятница, 9 декабря 2016 г.

ZARUBIN — Немузыка (2016)

Hi everyone! Christmas is almost here, and we prepared some kind of present for you, dear readers. It’s an EP by our long-time collaborator ZARUBIN. It’s actually his first release, although he is known for various activities which include frequent participating in our radio shows.

So, this is not a serious release, it’s a sampler of parodies. It’s called «Немузыка» which means “Non-music”, and the first two tracks are made with the non-musical samples: some “dark beat box” (that’s how I called it), sounds of the knives, clicking fingers, etc.



The other two tracks are parodies featured in our radio shows, and they are actually parody covers. The first one, «Песенка Берни» (“Barney’s Song”) is a Yakety Sax cover, and the final track «90-е» (90’s) is a cover of popular Russian band «Кровосток». Although the lyrics in both parodies are completely different, which makes the sound funnier. In case if you study Russian and can understand Russian humor, you’d be amazed, I guarantee you!

Download for free (mp3; instant download. Change “.7z” to “.rar” if there will be problems opening the archive. Please leave a comment if the link’s not working)

So, stay tuned in the 2017, plenty of new releases are about to come!

Happy holidays,
John “Grey Lenses” Grey

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