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Mourning Dance – Tracks from “Superfluous Music” (2012)

It’s me again, Concern Void Blog is back with new interesting stuff from deep, deep Russian underground! Today’s band, Mourning Dance, doesn’t exist anymore; they split in 2012, shortly after participating in our annual sampler “Superfluous Music”.
So, these two tracks, as their vocalist claims, is their only legacy – they were active in 2011–2012 only. Not much is known about them, I don’t even know who was playing in this band, except for their vocalist, a guy who’s studying his BA program, interesting but very modest person who was singing in a church choir (Russian Orthodoxal), and currently he’s studying in college to become an orchestra conductor… so he’s closer to classical music than any Concern Void contributor (he’s also a professional piano player). Anyway, he’s not contributing to us since 2013, and I must say, it’s a sad thing because I really think he’s talented.

But Mourning Dance was not a neoclassical band, they turned to post-punk and coldwave (“indoor post-punk from Siberia”, that’s how vocalist described his band), the sound is really cold, low range but tender vocals with Russian accent add even more charm to the tracks; on the contrary, the lyrics can hardly be recognized if not listening carefully.

Mourning Dance live

My personal favorite is “Museum of Weak” as “Depths” is too guitar-driven for me (it even includes a solo, ooh). I wish I had more words to say about Mourning Dance, but they were too obscure, that’s all I managed to dig out, folks.

Have a listen: 

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