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Snowbringer – North and Melancholia (2015)

Hi everyone, I’d like to show you another non-Concern-Void release from a Concern Void collaborator. Snowbringer is a one-man ambient project formed in Russian Northern town around 2013, firstly named “The Creature Was Here”, then, in 2014 it was renamed to “Body in Space”, and, finally, in 2015 this project was called “Snowbringer”.
The discography of the project includes 14 releases (with EPs); moreover, Snowbringer participated in our annual sampler “In the Eternal Shadow”. 

“North and Melancholia” is a long-play album, it lasts for more than 50 minutes, and I suggest you to listen to it before going to sleep, as its smooth, “airy” sound can easily be used to cure insomnia. The clouds on the cover are flowing right to your mind while you’re listening to these ambient structures.

 North and Melancholia album cover (textless)

It’s not much a music, the founder of Snowbringer even confesses it’s more like a sound sculpture, and I must say, it’s like making statues of cotton candy, something totally ephemeris, everything goes easy while we, the other guys, tried to use concrete blocks in our post-industrial sound strategies. We are all different, that’s what makes us unique, hah. Some create “opaque sound”, while this is surely “transparent” one.

Snowbringer played live using a laptop as primary instrument, and its bootleg might be reissued sometime in the future. Now, let’s concentrate on North and Melancholia: switches between tracks aren’t always recognizable, like a collection of instrumental lullabies, Snowbringer leads you down the path of a dreamy state.

Dragons of Old Maps sounds darker, it’s an exception on this album: the rest of the tracks are as bright as winter morning in my native Siberia. Becoming Invisible, despite its “inhuman” character, made me think that it could be a sincere desire of its author, or, at least, he had considered such option :)

You know, this is the “proper” “bright” ambient, guys. You may check it out here, hope you like it!

Have a listen:

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Sincerely yours,
John “Grey Lenses” Grey

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